Xtreme Dog Jogger replacement leash

The Bike Balance "Extreme" leash is designed to replace the standard leash in the Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit. This leash is constructed out of high quality polypropylene rope with an elastic cord braided in the middle. It offers unsurpassed durability and strength while maintaining unique stretchability. The re-enforced swing boom connection makes leash breakage nearly impossible. Ideal for bigger/stronger dogs. Warning: Riders should use extreme caution when operating a bicycle dog leash. If not, death or injury may occur. Includes leash, swivel hook and new swing boom plug/pin. DUE TO THE STRENGTH OF THIS LEASH, DAMAGE TO YOUR DOG JOGGER MAY OCCUR. INSTALLING THIS ITEM WILL VOID ANY PREVIOUS WARRANTY ON YOUR BIKE BALANCE DOG JOGGER.
Xtreme Dog Jogger replacement leash
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