Bike Training Handle Kit

The Bicycle Training Handle Kit is the original Bike Balance snap-fit modular attachment. After attaching the Fork Hitch unit to your bicycle, simply slide the Training Handle on and go. Your child can master the five individual steps (Steering, Pedaling, Braking, Balancing and Road safety)of riding without the fear of injury. It can be used either with training wheels to create a stable, safe bicycle platform for very young children or can be used as an attractive alternative to training wheels for an older child learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. *Includes Training Handle, Fork Hitch Unit, Stem Foam Protector and SSB (Single Speed Bicycle) mounting legs. *MSB (Multi-Speed Bicycle) leg mounting hardware sold separately. *THE STANDARD FORK HITCH UNIT WILL NOT MOUNT ON BICYCLES WITH DISC BRAKES OR REAR SUSPENSION.

Bike Training Handle Kit
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