Surfboard Bike Rack Kit

The Surfboard Bike Rack allows you to cruise to the beach on your bicycle without having to struggle with your surfboard or boogie board. The bungee system ensures that your board is completely secure. The Bike Balance anti-slip system will hold your board firmly without leaving impressions on your deck. Ideal for surfboards under 8ft. *Includes Bike Surf Rack Kit includes the "Patented" Bike Balance Fork Hitch Unit, one set of cradle arms, SSB (Single-Speed Bicycle) and MSB (Multi-Speed Bicycle) leg mounting hardware. FEATURES: *Fits most bikes *Lightweight *Simple to install *Fully adjustable *Multi-use "Fork Hitch Unit" *Superor rear mount design. *Ultra-strong aluminum and stainless steel *Purchase extra cradle arms and carry up to two boards at once. *Additional sets of cradle arms must be purchased. *THE STANDARD FORK HITCH UNIT WILL NOT MOUNT ON BICYCLES WITH DISC BRAKES OR REAR SUSPENSION.
Surfboard Bike Rack Kit
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